What makes Leading Lawns so desirable?
From our experience people switch to Leading Lawns for 3 main reasons

Time; to achieve a perfect lawn it takes time, knowledge and maintenance. When you buy synthetic you acknowledge that you want your garden to look its best but your lifestyle has more urgent requirements. Whether that’s spending time with friends and family, or if you work hard all week and just want to relax in your perfect garden at the weekend.

Conditions; unfortunately some gardens don’t allow you to grow and keep a lush natural lawn. It could be lack of natural sunlight or the soil conditions. In some cases no matter how much time and money we spend we can never achieve the natural lawn we deserve.

The household; Children and pets bring us immeasurable joy; however they are usually the main contributors to damaging the garden and house that we work tirelessly to maintain. If its kids are traipsing in mud or pets destroying your perfectly manicured lawn, sometimes the natural alternative just can’t cope.

How realistic is Leading Lawns grass?
Very; it is almost impossible to distinguish between our products and the real thing, with the new polyethylene fibre surfaces available with different pile heights and colours. The grass looks even more natural when it is combined with other natural features, such as stone walls, trees, plants and flowers.
Can I Install Leading Lawns Myself?
Yes, we provide a full step by step installation guide and can supply you with all the help and materials necessary for you to install your very own artificial lawn.
Can Leading Lawns be installed for me?
Yes, we will come to visit you at your garden to carry out a survey. We can advise what type of surface to install to get the best from your new lawn. We will produce a quotation for the installation and plan with you when the best time is to carry out the installation.
Child Friendly?
Yes. Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, suitable for use by children, and for the environment.
Pet Friendly?
Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. Any dog mess can be scooped, brushed or hosed away easily and the surface may be disinfected too.
Can weeds grow in Leading Lawns grass?
Yes, the carpet has a very strong backing so the roots of the weeds have no chance of penetrating it, but weeds can seed themselves in the carpet “pile” so a weed treatment is required occasionally to make sure the surface stays weed free.
Can Leading Lawns grass fade?
No, the grass is manufactured using the finest polyethylene fibres which have been UV tested against colour fade for up to 8 years, other products on the market have been known to turn a blue/grey colour after a few years out in the sun.
How do I care for Leading Lawns grass?
A light brushing or raking is required from time to time to keep the surface clean and looking its best. It will just require the removal of leaves or debris and occasionally may need to be weed treated.
Can Leading Lawns be installed on poorly drained areas?
Yes, the grass has perforated latex backing which should be installed over a compacted stone base allowing the rain water to drain away freely.
Is infill important?
Once the grass has been installed, it should be in-filled or dressed with the correct specification and quantity of sand. The infill is important because it provides weight to secure the product and helps provide support to the grass fibres thereby improving performance in wear and visual appearance of the lawn. Surfaces that have long pile (+25mm) that claim to require no infill have been proven over many years to have limited life cycle.
How do I take the first step to creating the perfect lawn and freeing up time to enjoy my garden?
Just Ask!